YC S22 startups are pre-approved for the 8vdX Bridge to Demo Day loans, Apply here

Why Venture Debt?

  • Founder friendly acceleration capital with minimal equity dilution
  • Extend your cash runway to achieve milestones for your next funding round
  • Raise your next round at a higher equity valuation

Founder-friendly and flexible terms

Since development of early-stage startups can be volatile, 8vdX offers flexible terms with multiple payback options that allow founders to manage their growth

Multiple Currency Offerings

  • 8vdX gives international startups funds in USD or their local currency.
  • Early stage startups based in India, United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore can now apply for a Zero-Note venture debt from 8vdX.

Fast and transparent application process

Startup fills the application >> 8vdX verifies the data >> Loan disbursed the same day.

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